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    Tableau doesn't shows latest data on browser refresh

    vijay pawar

      Tableau doesn't shows latest data - Stack Overflow


      I created A dashboard in tableau

      then opened dashboard in browser

      then did data entry in database

      then refreshed browser

      i was not able to see latest data entry in browser


      Note :

      • i am NOT talking about live data streaming.
      • i don't want to manually press "Full Refresh" Extract button on ui
      • It should happen naturally. So at least on browser refresh i should see latest records
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          Rodrigo Calloni

          Hello Vijay


          The way to achieve what you want is to create a Live data connection (not streaming) and publish it to Tableau Server. You can achieve this following these steps:


          1- Connect to the datasource in Tableau Desktop


          2- Go to Sheet 1. Once you are there go to Data menu > Find your dataset at the bottom of the menu > Publish to server...


          Note: do not extract the data, you got to publish the dataset as a live connection.


          3- As soon as the publish finishes Tableau will replace your original datasource with the one from the Tableau Server.


          4- Build your visualization and publish to your Tableau Server


          Now your viz is connected directly to the datasource via the live connection. As soon as you change the data there it will show on the next refresh on the browser.


          I hope this helps