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    Last Price Used for Client, how to get it?

    Rafał Świeży

      Dears, I have data about sales divided by customers and items. This data contains information like qtty, turnover, but doesn't include pc price which means I basically create additional calculated field which is Turnover/Qtty(PcPrice).


      I would like to when showing some summary about my clients that to have in "details" also information about Last Price offered to specific client for specific item. It measn I have sold this item several times already but I want to display in the summary Last pc price used/offered to this client even if my summary is about larger period, Means I have summary for last 2 days, and I have sold him this item twice, so I want summary to show only last day pc price.

      I have summary and average price, but how to find among rows latest row for specific item and provide result of calculation "turnover/qtty"?


      Attached *.twbx with sample data and created field "Last price offered" which actually doesn't work fine. Can you help me to do it right? If you show me in this sheet I think I will be able to do it in my original data set.