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    Parameters filtering multiple values

    Sharon Neely

      I want to create a parameter that has two values: "Total Households" and "Household Detail"

      When Total Households is selected, it shows one measure - the total number of households.

      When Household Detail is selected, it shows three measures - adult only, family and unknown - as if I had filtered for those three measure names. These three measures are not added together, they are shown (in this case) stacked on top of each other in a area chart.


      The code (in my head) looks like this, except this is not how the AND function works.


      IF [Parameter 1] = "Total Households" Then

      [Total Households] ELSE IF

      [Parameter 1] = "Household Detail" THEN

      [Adult-Only Households] AND [Family Households] AND [Unknown Households]



      I've been searching every which way I can think of for how this can be done. Is it possible?