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    Using the string of headers to match verify payments


      I have a question below and have uploaded the excel and tableau workbooks so that everyone can take a look. I would like to verify that the Reimbursement Payments in "Test for StackExchange 2" match the designated values in "Test for StackExchange 1". To do this, I would like to create a set/list with the column headings for the payment values and match the "All Logic Calculation" in Tableau to the list to verify that the payment is correct.


      The first question I have is how to obtain the string of a header and its value in the join. For example, I would like a calculation to get the following, "Under Reward, Level 1, Standard, 20". I would then use this and match it to "All Logic" to see if the Reimbursement Payment is correct. I tried this: STR(Under Reward, Level 1, Standard) but this only returns "20" or "21". What calculation can I write so that it also pulls the string of the header?


      Ideally, I would like to then place the string of all of the headers and values in a set or list to use that to match against. I am working with Tableau 2018.2.