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    SFDC Extract Time Issues

    Macy Miller

      Hello Tableau Community!


      I am working with my company's sales and marketing team that primarily use Salesforce data, blended with some other data that is in our data lake. After we connect to our salesforce instance and bring in one of the standard connections that have been created, the load time runs for so long that it times out (it was running for almost a full work day). The current workaround that we have is to download the data from salesforce, saving it to our machines locally, and then importing it as an extract from our local machine. This is much more manual than we would like, so if anyone has experienced this issue in the past and has a solution that would be greatly appreciated!


      I cannot attach a packaged workbook because of the aforementioned scenario, but we are using Tableau Desktop version 2018.1.Screen Shot 2018-11-21 at 12.29.01 PM.png


      I understand this screenshot is a poor example because the elapsed time is only 22 seconds, but this screen will remain open for hours, and even if we select cancel, the field names will load in the "Sheet" tab, but there will be no data, and an error message that appears whenever we select any dimension or measure.

      Screen Shot 2018-11-21 at 12.32.55 PM.png