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    Tabcmd login fails after 2018.3 upgrade

    narayan ayyagari

      We recently upgraded the tableau server from 10.4 to 2018.3 and are able login via the browser. The tableau server 10.4 is configured to use SAML and the upgrade process worked and the SAML login was succesfull in 2018.3. However, after the upgrade, the local admin account created on 10.4 used for tabcmd login is not available. Tabcmd login is hence not working.I also installed the 2018.3 tabcmd on the server and tried. we are basically getting an invalid userid/password error. I also noticed, that the list of users now does not have the local admin. Is this something other folks ran into? Any insights into this is greatly appreciated!!


      ===== Creating new session

      =====     Server:   https://localhost

      =====     Username: xxxxxx

      ===== Connecting to the server...

      ===== Signing in...

        *** Not authorized

      Invalid username or password. (errorCode=16)