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    Scatterplot showing countries based on values for the latest quarter and values for all quarters for a selected country

    Borja Leiva



      I have to build a scatterplot that shows countries as dots placed on their values for 2 measures in the latest quarter.

      I also need to be able to select a country and display the values for the latest 4 quarters ( that is its position in the scatterplot in each of the last 4 quarters) whilst retaining the other dots in the background for context.

      The image attached shows what I have built so far via a dual axis and a parameter to select the countries.

      The problem with this is that Tableau is placing the dots in the background in the wrong position as it is computing the average value for the latest 4 quarters rather than the value for the latest quarter.


      Any ideas on how I can place the dots based on the values for the latest quarters whilst still being able to display the values for the latest 4 quarters for the selected country?