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    Shapefile wrongly adds extra districts to my map

    Mohamed Hersi

      Dear All,


      I have extra districts wrongly added to my map. I think it is the shape file that is causing this problem as both of other data sources don't have these extra districts. I tried to solve this by change the JOIN type.


      My data sources are joined like this:

      JOIN methods in my data sources.PNG


      I also tried to use INNER join as well and the problem still exist.


      Below is my map which has extra districts that I need to exclude permanently.


      Shapefile wrongly adds extra districts to my map.PNG


      Any suggestions?




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          Kent Marten

          Hi Mohamed,


          It is not clear to me what the problem is with your spatial data. Note: It looks like you are using the districts shapefile for Somalia from GADM. I cannot speak to the accuracy of the dataset, but GADM might be out-of-date as the feature count does not match Wikipedia or Statoids (which both state there are 84 districts in Somalia, unlike the GADM source which includes 74).


          If your shapefile includes the extra districts -- you could connect to the file using QGIS and remove them from the file.  However, an INNER join will remove unmatched records between your joined datasets, so please take care that you have used the right fields to construct your join.


          If you can more precisely explain what you mean by "extra districts" -- then it will help me determine how best to help you.


          Kent M.