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    Build bar graph with different data structure - Aggregate just some dimensions of same row

    Yanik LacroixTorrent

      Hello Tableau Community,


      I've been facing a problem for quite a long time and still not able to solve it. I have a data set that have a set structure to build some other visualizations and it's part of a bigger Dashboard, so I want to try not to change the data structure. I'm trying to come up with a bar graph that shows me a comparison of the prices against the competitors.


      The format of my Dataset looks something like that:

      And the final graph that I want to be able to achieve is:

      Any ideas on how I can combine the two Ryanair Prices on one bar (an average of them can work, because they are always the same price), with also showing both other prices, in other two bars?


      All I'm able to achieve for the moment is something like this:



      Thanks a lot for the help!