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    Sum for columns only and average for lines

    Thomas Pajor

      Hi community,


      i have an issue when trying to generate workloads and agregating them into Year or Quarters.


      The workload that i want to show is the sum for each person over multiple projects, when showing the monthly view everything is fine, but when i go to quarter or year, it calculates the sum of the load which is wrong, it should only keep the average (ex : load for Mister A in jan = 1, feb = 1, march= 1 => quarter = 1 not 3)


      Now, when instead of calculating sum, i use average, the average is not only done on rows (rows being quarters) but also on columns (project)


      I want to keep the sum of all projects over one person, but have the average over time....


      a few images to illustrate :


      1/ monthly view : OK


      2/ quarter (or year) view nok because it makes the sum :


      3/ if i use the average function instead of sum : it applies the average calculation vertically and horizontally (i want horizontal only)