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    Sum for columns only and average for lines

    Thomas Pajor

      Hi community,


      i have an issue when trying to generate workloads and agregating them into Year or Quarters.


      The workload that i want to show is the sum for each person over multiple projects, when showing the monthly view everything is fine, but when i go to quarter or year, it calculates the sum of the load which is wrong, it should only keep the average (ex : load for Mister A in jan = 1, feb = 1, march= 1 => quarter = 1 not 3)


      Now, when instead of calculating sum, i use average, the average is not only done on rows (rows being quarters) but also on columns (project)


      I want to keep the sum of all projects over one person, but have the average over time....


      a few images to illustrate :


      1/ monthly view : OK


      2/ quarter (or year) view nok because it makes the sum :


      3/ if i use the average function instead of sum : it applies the average calculation vertically and horizontally (i want horizontal only)




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          Patrick Van Der Hyde



          I am not sure of the exact calculation to assist here as there is no sample packaged workbook but a version of either a Table Calculation (aggregation of aggregation) or Level Of Detail calculation will need to be employed to gather the correct values. 


          See the online help and online training for assistance getting going with these and if you have difficulty - there are lots more resources for both types of calculations here in the forums and on Zen Master blog sites. 


          Best of luck and Happy New Year.


          Keep Vizzing!!



          Community Manager - Tableau