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    how to add images from network locations to a view

    Kornel Kovacs

      Hi All,


      I hope i'm posting in the right place, would like to find out if there is a way to add images to sheets / views / dashboards from a network drive location.


      I have a set of 25000 SKUs=rows in my database.

      I have for each SKU an image saved under a mapped network path (e.g.: "Z:\image").



      SKU of first product="ABC111"

      SKU of second product="ABC112"

      the images with the network path would be:





      Is there a way for me to bring in the images in my views?

      An added twist, the images are being refreshed randomly(the file gets overwritten with the same name), I need to show latest image available on the drive the point in time when the tableau workbook gets refreshed.


      Thank you for the help in advance!