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    Row Level Security in Tableau

    Ritu Rani

      We are looking for Table Level Security(TLS) , Row level Security(RLS) and Column Level Security(CLS) in Tableau. We looked into multiple options and came across below two approaches to implement TLS and RLS. Approach one uses USER FILTER option that tableau provides while Approach 2 uses ISMEMBEROF() tableau function to provide Table level and Row level security. We would like to understand if any one came across any major limitations for the two approaches that could help us make a choice. Also we could not find any feasible way to implement Column Level Security. Is there a way to implement Column Level Security in tableau?

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          Zach Leber

          User filters are convenient but have to be maintained in the workbook and re-published if your data or users change. Good for prototyping, not as good for production.


          ISMEMBEROF() allows management on Tableau Server using groups linked to a field in your data, no re-publishing required.


          You may be able to achieve Column Level Security by using a published data source that hides the original column and exposes a value that is conditional on ISMEMBEROF().

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