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    different group applied to each measure value on a bar chart

    mel ir

      To tell you a bit about my data


      I have names 15 students ranking them on different subjects from 0-5, example below


      Student Name | Maths | Science | Biology | Literature

      Jenny                    0              1          0               4

      John                      2              3          3               1



      I want to create a bar chart with all subject names as rows and count total number of responses (in this case it will be 15 for each subject) and show different responses in the bar grouped in different colour


      So for Maths count 15, 3 students ranked themselves as 5, 5 students ranked themselves as 4 and so on.....


      So far I dragged measure names in columns and measure values in rows. I tried to create a group for each different measure but when I apply the apply the group it uses one group (created for maths for example) and it adds it to all subjects making maths rankings applied to all other subjects.


      Hope this is clear. How can I group responses for each subject please?