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    number format  million, thousand

    f ada

      Hi Mates,


      When making CUSTOM number format,


      In excel when you use this :




      Your number format becomes optional (if larger than thousand>> k, larger than million>> m , smaller than thousand >> normal format


      In tableau , when  K is chosen millions also shown as K (for ex. 1,5 million becomes 1500 K) I do not want that.


      Is there a CUSTOM NUMBER FORMAT like it is in EXCEL above?



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          Stephen Rizzo

          Tableau does have custom number formats, but I don't believe you can replicate that formatting logic using Tableau formatting. Specifically, I don't think that Tableau allows comparison operators like [>999999] in your Excel syntax for example.


          A workaround might be to build the comparison logic into a calculated field that outputs a string.