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    Show images depends upon the filter

    arvind jain

      Hi All,


      Good morning!!!

      I have multiple pictures that shows that work flow of different different projects. Like this we have 10 - 20 workflow pictures

      Now In tableau I want something like.

      If a user select a project from the filter then automatically work flow diagram load in tableau server.



      Please do let me know if this is possible.

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          Joe Oppelt

          You are using the Image object to display the picture, right?


          You can pop out an object (any sort of object) if you can create a condition you can detect in a calc.  And the selection of a value from a dimension filter is something you can detect.


          In this thread I have linked several demonstration videos that show swapping and popping.  Video #2 is the one that is doing what you need to do.


          New series of videos on swapping and popping on a dashboard


          In my example I'm using a parameter value to control the popping, but you can make a calc field to do the same thing.  To pop out image-1, do an EXCLUDE LOD to see if any row has the value for that project.  If so, then the condition is TRUE and the pop-out sheet will display and push out the image object.


          If you struggle with implementing this, upload a sample workbook that simulates what you have and I can show you.  (Even just a workbook using Superstore and substituting [State] for [Project] would work here.)