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    Grand Total issue

    Lakshmi Palisetty

      Hi All,


      I have some requirment like below,Please find below screenshot 1 & 2


      Screenshot :1




      expected results are working fine


      I am taking hierarchy as Plant,Account Name and Product Number and displaying Base line Order Amount , Baseline Order Qty and Baseline Average Price - No issues here.


      Coming to 2nd screenshot which is problematic now




      If i remove Product number from hierarchy, there is no change in other dimesion


      Baseline order Qty,Base line order Amount grand total is coming same with 1st screenshot.But coming to Baseline Avarage Price value is showing 64.2 , but business is expecting 133.3 (which is coming in 1st screenshot)


      Please help to me how to achieve this i am attaching .twbx file aswell