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    Tableau Public: There was problem connecting to data source. Try editing the data source.

    Rush Chh

      Hello all,


      I've conducted an exhaustive search regarding this issue and sadly, haven't found a solution that worked.


      I used to be able to open excel files before, but suddenly I am unable to. Now out of the blue I am getting this error: "There was problem connecting to data source "(file name)". Try editing the data source."


      I have tried connecting using legacy connection; copy pasting the info to a fresh excel file and saving it; uninstalling and reinstalling Tableau Public.None of the solutions worked.


      I even tried to open the excel file that is provided by Tableau for beginners to practice. No luck. The only thing that works is saving each file as a CSV but it is not feasible when there are multiple sheets in a file.


      I have attached one of the excel files I am trying to work on. Could you please advise what the solution is?


      Thank you very much