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    Product Information Calculation

    Quinn Sorady

      Currently, I am attempting to perform analysis on a dataset containing information about the sales of furniture products. Specifically, I am working to shed some light on the colors of furniture most frequently ordered. The furniture colors are represented in the Dimensions ACCENT - Color and BASE - Color. I have created a map with locations of orders plotted and sized by the quantity of orders placed. To add on to this, I would like to be able to show the most frequently ordered color of furniture for that location in the tooltip. I have attempted to find a way to do this using filters or calculated fields, but have struggled and failed to do so. Ideally, the tooltip would include the name of the location, the quantity of furniture ordered to that location, and the most frequently ordered base color ordered to that location.


      In the same vein, I would like to be able to add the most frequently ordered accent color associated with the base colors listed in the graph on the second sheet. I imagine this would be done using a similar method, if not the exact same.


      Please, if anyone knows how to get this done it would be much appreciated.


      Attached below is the workbook. I am using Tableau version 2018.2, if this helps.


      Thank you!