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    Issues in using the SharePoint List Connector

    Nikunj Dani

      Hi, I am using Tableau Desktop (v10.5) to connect to a SharePoint list (residing in SharePoint Online Edition). I am using a SharePoint list connector to connect to this list using the SharePoint Online Edition, Third-Party SSO Authentication. I am able to connect to my SharePoint site without any issues. While, I am able to see most of my content (i.e lists and libraries) in the connection pane and connect to a few of the list with no issues, I am not able to see some of my lists at all. The one in particular is a custom list with a couple workflows running in the background (nothing special). Does anyone know what would cause this list to be not available for connecting to Tableau?


      In a separate instance, I do have an issue connecting to a list which I am able to see. When I try to connect to this 2nd list, I get the following error message.


      An error occurred while communicating with data source '<my list name> (<mysitename>/)'. The query cannot be completed because the number of lookup columns it contains exceeds the lookup column threshold enforced by the administrator. (0x80070093)

      Unable to create extract


      I don't understand, however, why I am getting this error. Because there is another list with more number of lookup columns that I am able to connect to. I don't think SharePoint is the limitation here..


      I'd appreciate if anyone can provide any insight as to how I can resolve this.


      Thanks, Nick.