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    Conditional formatting on row measure


      Dear all,


      i have the following Dashboard:


      What i want to do is the following: I want to countries as columns colored according to a calculated field. I also want to have another measure (in this case "Global" [Number (whole)] ) colored, e.g. 3=green, 0=red. The "Global" field assigns a number to each of the categories, whilst the calculated field used for the colors in the table assigns a number for each combination of Category and Country. I tried dual-axis but i couldnt get it to work properly.

      Any Ideas?


      Thanks in Advance.

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          Norbert Maijoor

          Hi Jasper,


          Upfront, not sure;) but find my approach as reference below and stored in attached workbook version 10.2 located in the original thread.



          1. D1. Colorformat:

          If [Completion]>=10 then '3'

          elseif [Completion]>6 then '2'

          elseif [Completion]>=4 then '0'



          2. M1. Global:

          if {fixed [Category]:max([Completion])}>=10 then 3

          else 0 END


          3. Drag the required objects to the indicated locations.





          Hope it helps




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            Hi Norbert,


            thank you very much for your answer.

            i think i explained it wrong. The part with the countries is already how I want it to be. The only thing missing is a condiitional formatted column "Global". The best thing would be that Global also has little colored squares, but colored numbers would be "ok".


            Best regards,