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    Axis issue to synchronize

    lalitha p

      I am a bit confused with my axis today.


      Sample data:

      Type      ID     Value      Period        Term 2018/Not      Level

        A          1        300                                Y                       x

        A          2        200                                Y                       y

        A          3        600                                N                       x

        A          4        560                                N                       y

        S                    500       2018                                          x

        S                    300       2019                                          y

        S                    450       2018                                          y


      I have my data like this with other fields too.


      I have shown a report out of this with S as background measure and A as front measure in a bar on bar chart. Background measure(S) works with a flip for 2018/2019.

      I couldn't sync my axis here.


      850(reference line of total Y/N from Term 2018/Not ) what ever showing is for Type A and color differentiates with field Term 2018/Not. The last bar i am talking about Background value is 875 i have but the bars are sowing like equal.

      If i click on synchronize axis , It is coming like this, axis is adding up with the Y and N values.


      Any ideas ??