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    How can I group certain values and create a graph of their trends over time?

    Divya Chhabra



      I have blood sugar levels that I would like to group as "below 5", "5.1-7.9" or "above 8" and then create a line graph over time that shows the those levels changing over time.


      I can't share the workbook because it contain patient information, but here are my columns:


      Patient ID

      Patient Name

      Lab Date

      Lab Value


      So, I would like to see a lab value of 4.6 and group it as "below 5," then see a lab value of 7.3 and group it as "5.1-7.9" etc and use Lab Date to plot these values per month as a percent of total lab values in that month.


      I've tried to use sets with a condition of "Lab Value <=5.0" but it's counting all Lab Values as below 5.0, even if the value is above 5.0.


      Any help is much appreciated!