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    Moving Annual Total in a Table for Two Years

    Christopher Chitemerere

      I am new to Tableau and i have been using QlikView.  I have looked on the community on creating moving annual totals (MAT), but what i am getting is not what i am looking for.  I need to create a table like the following:


      MAT Tableau.JPG

      Basically the table compares MAT for the last two years and is update each month to show the latest figures.  For example the above shows data for October where it compares October 2018 MAT to October 2017 MAT.  It also gives the following metrics for the two MATs:


      1. Rank
      2. % Market Share
      3. % Growth
      4. Evolution Index (which is the growth of the particular row compared to the total market)
      5. Compounded Annual Growth Rate


      How can this be accomplished in Tableau?