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    Tableau with Multiple Response items on surveys

    . Berrett.Rice

      I have staff who have used Google Forms to collect data. Several of the questions on the survey allow the user to choose multiple responses. And what's worse, some of the responses have commas in them! So when I get the data back what I see is a comma separated list of the chosen responses as a single value (but there are those other commas in there too).


      I want to be able to display the number and/or percent of users who chose each of the choices in the question. But how do I separate them? There are a few questions like this.


      I'm writing this hoping that there's some Tableau magic that I'm unfamiliar with. If it comes down to it I guess I can manually separate them with a CONTAINS formula or something in Excel. I'm hoping there's an easier way! Thanks

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          Joe Oppelt

          You need to ETL this outside of Tableau, I think.

          I tried to edit the data source to see if I could use the SPLIT function.  (Maybe there is a way to exclude a split condition, given that there is only one situation where there are commas embedded in the data.)  But even that was thwarted because editing the data source wants me to log into google-something-or-other.

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            . Berrett.Rice

            Yes - I've spent a lot of time staring at this now and I don't think I have any options that aren't at least somewhat manual. I can probably make the split manually in Excel then connect that to Tableau. I was hoping for some magic, but there's just no way to tell Tableau (or any other tool) to split text on a delimiter in some cases but not others.


            Thanks for trying! I'll make it work - it will just take longer than I had hoped it would.