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    Show Blanks for Rolling 13 Months

    Tony R



      I have a current calculated field (Rolling 13 months) that works fine if most cases (if data is available for all 13 months in one of the rows)  It excludes current month and includes only the last 13 months.

      DATEDIFF('month', [Date], TODAY()) > 0


      DATEDIFF('month', [Date], TODAY()) <= 13


      There are some scenarios where data is missing certain months and I want it to show blank (Example below: July - Sep should show, but blank).



      I have tried showing Empty Columns (Analysis > Table Layout > Show Empty Columns, but that shows ALL columns I only want to see the ALL of the last 13 only



      It works if I filter by date and remove calculated field for Rolling 13 months. However, I want to avoid having to manually coming in and deselecting and selecting months to get last 13 months.