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    Can't compare numerical bin and integer values

    Divya Chhabra



      I have a stacked bar chart of bins. The order of the segments in my bar chart is reverse of what I would like it to be. So, I'm trying to create a calculated field so I can sort the bins. However, I'm running into "can't compare numerical bin and integer values"


      Here's my calculation

      IF  [Sales (bin)] = 7 then 1

      ELSEIF [Sales (bin)] = 8 then 2

      ELSE 3



      Is there another way to sort the bar chart or is there a way to get around this error? I'm not sure how to compare any value to a numerical bin.

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          Paul Wachtler

          Hi Divya,


          I have one idea that may work.  Create a calculated field off of your bin field that's simply:

          - [Sales(bin)]


          That will put a negative sign before each value.  Drop that onto your row or columns shelf to the left of your regular [Sales(bin)] field and that should sort the way you want.  You can then right click on the negative field and select "Show Header" to hide it.