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    Can't add district labels to both of my dual-axis maps

    Mohamed Hersi

      Hi All,


      I was in the middle of creating a dual-axis map when I encountered TWO problems.

      Problem 1: in Map 1, I have added districts in the color which worked well, but then I tried to add the same districts to the label but the color disappeared and labels took over. This shows I can only add one thing at a time, either color or label. Is that true for Map 1?

      Problem 2: Then, I tried to add the districts to Labels in Map 2 but nothing happens! Also, when I added districts to color, only the color of the SPOTS representing the Health Facilities change accordingly.


      Where am I getting wrong here?


      I have attached a screen shot:


      Map 1: Adding districts to Label overtakes the color already added (not possible to have Color and Label at the same time)

      Map 1- can't add districts in the Label when districts are already in the Color.PNG


      Map 2: Adding districts to Label does not work- no Labels at all

      Map 2- can't add districs as Label with only Lat and Lon added to this map.PNG



      Map 2: Adding districts to Color works fine

      Map 2- adding districts to color works fine.PNG



      I want to have Map 1 with any of my geographical regions (country, regions, districts, health facilities). Currently, I have ONLY have either Color or Label.