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    What are the best practices for deploying Tableau for enterprise wide adoption at global companies?

    Karla Wagner

      Do you have any advise for people in charge of deploying Tableau at global companies? I was asked this question at TC18 and thought it would be better to ask the community than to try to answer myself.


      For example:


      • Do you recommend deploying certain font packages such as Google Noto fonts? -- https://kb.tableau.com/articles/Issue/text-renders-as-square-boxes-instead-of-expected-non-english-characters
      • Do you recommend that your content publishers define a Workbook Locale on Tableau Desktop before publishing to Tableau Server or Tableau Online? Or do you recommend that your authors let Tableau decide the formatting of dates, times, number formats, etc.? -- Language and Locale for Tableau Server - Tableau
      • Do your content publishers add captions to workbooks when they use non-default locale settings in a workbook?
      • Do you recommend that your users set their Tableau Server User Language & Locale? Or do you suggest that they keep it set to the default "Unspecified" to let Tableau Server determine the language and locale based on their browser language settings?
      • Are their any specific server configurations you recommend to improve performance in a global deployment?
      • Anything else?