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    Tableau Very Slow Since Connecting to a Shapefile

    Mohamed Hersi

      Dear All,


      I have had my Tableau running normal while it was connected with ONE data source (Live Connection). But since I connected to a .shp file, it started to slow down. My laptop is in good health (Dell XPS15 with 16GB RAM). I have a feeling that the .shp file is causing this + the Live connection? It is slow even when I am doing non-map visualizations!


      Is my assumption correct? Any other suggestions to the cause of the problem and possible solutions?




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          Kent Marten

          Hi Mohamed,


          To properly identify the cause of the slowdown, you really have to go through a thorough troubleshooting checklist.  Slow even when not connecting to a shapefile, probably means it has nothing to do with shapefiles because Tableau doesn't do anything special when doing so.


          If possible, I would suggest the following actions:

          1. To mitigate this problem -- are you able to work with an extracted datasource instead of a live connection? That should certainly lead to performance benefits.
          2. What exactly is the shapefile you are working with?  The level of detail of the file could cause slow rendering performance; but this does not explain a slowdown when not working with the shapefile.
          3. Rebooting your machine
          4. Closing other applications; especially resource intensive applications like security scanning software, etc.
          5. Clearing the local query cache
          6. Reinstalling Tableau


          Have you tried any other trouble-shooting steps?


          Kent M.