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    Using Tableau as a data warehouse

    Amber DeBolt

      Hello Tableau friends! I am new to using this particular software.. what I am trying to do with it is have daily files to be imported and aggregated into the same table, then off those files produce many different specific export files (daily and monthly). all the books i have read, the trainings I have watched/listened to, and getting into the system to try and play around in it and figure it out myself, I am not finding where this system is used for this. if anyone has ANY advice or tips or anything please let me know! Thank you!!

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          Chris McClellan

          Yes, best advice - DO NOT use Tableau for this.  Tableau should be used for the visualisation (basically the output from the data warehouse), but Tableau is NOT a data warehousing tool.  Prep is not really a data warehousing tool.  It will work for small scale work, but it won't work as well as your data warehouse gets larger.


          I can talk to you more about this directly if you want to, there's a lot of options when you're at the start of the journey and it's easy to make good and bad decisions

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            Amber DeBolt

            Hi Chris, Thank you for replying. I have come to realize exactly what you said to be accurate. With these aggregated files that I am trying to upload, compare, and export - i found it easier to add to the spreadsheet that is imported and refresh in the connections. I am definitely open to any pointers you may have, or suggestions on places to learn different things. To date, I have not really used Tableau for what I believe it is for, data visualization. I have used Prep quite a bit now and am getting familiar with it, but I have found some limitations as far as the formulas it allows you to use and the actions I want. Thank you again Chris, appreciate any and all feedback! Have a great week.

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              Chris McClellan

              Thanks    Can you mark my answer as correct if it answered your question please ?


              For small amounts of data a spreadsheet would be fine, for larger amounts you want to start looking at a database.  Something like Snowflake is a great start and it will scale as you do.  You can contact me privately (details in my profile) for more info