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    Display different number formats (%, $, numbers)  for the same measure

    Anh Nguyen

      Hi everyone,


      Does anyone know how to display different number formats for the same measure? In my workbook, I have a measure named "Pivot Field Values" which includes various indicators with different formats. Most of the indicators are in %. However there is one indicator named "Wage mean" in $. The problem is that when I create a filter for this measure, the values of "wage mean" are shown in %, NOT $.


      My question is: Is there anyway to display the indicators in correct formats ($ for "wage mean" and % for others) when we change the indicators from the filter?


      I know that there are some similar questions about this issue in this forum. I have tried to follow, but it doesn't work in my case.


      Thank you soooo much for your help,