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    Line graph with two labels

    Hamel Patel



      I would like a label at the end of the chart showing category but then on all other points on the chart i would like a label showing just the profit. Tableau seems to combine the two which i don't want.

      Any ideas?


      ive attached a work book.



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          Vincent Baumel

          Hi Hamel! Is this what you're thinking?



          If so, there's a pretty straightforward way to get there. I created a calculation called Category Label that looks like this:


          This will return a value if it's the first partition in our viz, and it will default to the leftmost point in our line in this case. I replaced the Category label with this new calculation, and cleaned up the labels a bit. Keep in mind that with a legend you wouldn't *technically* need a line label, but if it's what you're after then I think this will solve it for you!


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            Hamel Patel

            Hi, thanks, would this work if i was to change the FIRST part of your formula to LAST to show at the end of the line?


            Thanks btw very helpful.



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              Vincent Baumel

              Yes, LAST()=0 will return true for the last partition in your worksheet. If you wanted to clean it up even a touch more, you can do a second calculation for the value, then place them side by side on your label mark:


              I just put them on the label like this:


              There's tons of ways you can customize labels!