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    Presenting measures from calculated field without the attributes in that calculated field

    ofir keren

      Hi All,


      I need to create a report that consists of a list of measures per region ("Region" is a field in my data source), but each one of them is a result of a calculated field.


      Each calculated field has an IF statement that compares a certain attribute (for example: Category = 'XXX') and the result is a measure (for example: SUM(Sales)).


      The problem is that I don't want "Category" to be in my report, in other words, I don't want to put it on the Rows / Columns shelf.


      If I do put it, I get the right results back for my measures, but if I don't, I don't get anything back.


      Is there any way to solve this? Is there any workaround for this issue?


      Thanks in advance,