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    LOD within a LOD

    timothy rafferty

      Could somebody help me out with the attached.


      Imagine a lot of 'things' that belong to only one 'group'.  The thing can have any value.. but the group has - lets say - a 'bar'.


      Which thing has the max value ... and which thing (or things) has the max value under the group's 'bar' ...


      So.. if you have


      thing1 / thingVal = 32 / GroupA / GroupA_Bar = 20

      thing2 / thingVal = 2  / GroupA / GroupA_Bar = 20

      thing3 / thingVal = 19 / GroupA / GroupA_Bar = 20

      thing4 / thingVal = 15 / GroupA / GroupA_Bar = 20

      thing5 / thingVal = 19 / GroupA / GroupA_Bar = 20

      thing6 / thingVal = 99 / GroupA / GroupA_Bar = 20


      I want to flag thing6 as the the thing with the biggest value in the group  (that's easy... if [Thing Value]={ FIXED [Group]:MAX([Thing Value])} then 'max for group' END)


      But.. I also want to flag thing3 and thing5 (they have the max value which is 'below the bar')


      And I need it all on one worksheet (there is an 'easy' solution to split the data (see below))


      I've tried and failed a few approaches and now my brain is frazzled


      (I thought this would work.. but it gives me a rogue answer per group...... IF [Thing Value]={ FIXED [Group],[Thing Value]<[Group Bar]:MAX([Thing Value])} then "yes" else "no" end)