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    Analysing results of a worksheet in a separate sheet

    Adam Sanders

      Basically, if I have a worksheet that has final results I want to analyze, is there a way to create a new sheet to analyze the results?


      IE I want to create a table that shows sum of column A, column B, column C from the worksheet A.


      I get I can look at different sheets in a dashboard but it still doesnt give me the ability to run analysis on a sheet



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          Joe Oppelt

          Everything you use in Sheet-B has to be generated in Sheet-B.  We don't pass measure results from sheet to sheet.  (We CAN pass dimension values through a filter action.)


          The best way I've found to generate values from Sheet-A in Sheet-B is to make the filters from Sheet-A apply to Sheet-B.  Use the same calcs, etc.  You don't have to shape Sheet-B like Sheet-A.  Just have the same dimensions on Sheet-B, even if they are just on the Details shelf.