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    Column name as 'Health Facility' vs 'City'

    Mohamed Hersi

      Dear All,


      I am not sure whether it is a requirement in Tableau to use 'City'? Please comment this.


      I have the following geographical levels:




      Health Facility (when I use Maps, will 'Health Facility' work for me in Tableau or do I have to use 'City' instead?)



      I prefer to to name the column as 'Health Facility' because of the following reasons:

      1. My Health Facilities need to be the lowest level of aggregation (4th level)
      2. I have Latitude and Longitude for each Health Facility in my data source
      3. The name 'City' won't work for me because, in many occasions, I have several Health Facilities in one City which prevents from aggregating down to Health Facility level
      4. The above level of aggregation (Country, Region, District, Health Facility) is used in many developing countries' health system, and it works well with various software platforms e.g. DHIS2, so I guess it should work with Tableau since it is much advanced such software


      Any suggestions?