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    LOD calculation to arrive at dynamic tooltip

    Siddhalingesh Kori

      Hi All,



      i have used LOD calculation to arrive at concatenated strings, which should display as tooltip. i have used some discussions in this forum and arrived at it. I'm having some issues with tooltip. Issue is when there is blank at beginning, it will show all blank for category tooltip and also it's adding up all category's in string and showing it for all months.


      Requirement: Tooltip of Category for each month and team separately,

      a)    When i hover on Team 'A' and Month 'JAN'; it should only show Category only 'Others' and 'Software'.

      b)    For Team A and Month 'MAR' it should only show 'Software'.

      c)    Wherever it is blank, it should not show any tooltip.


      I have attached sample workbook.


      Let me know any clarifications.