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    Tableau Server Crosstab Column Export Order


      Hi all, looking to talk this through with some of you.     I'm on v10.5


      From what I can tell, my crosstab columns export in the following order:


      1. Dimensions (ordered by their place in rows/columns)
      2. Marks shelf  - details
      3. Measures


      For the crosstab, I'd like to get a date (dimension) next to its corresponding measure.  If I convert the measure to a dimension, i can order how I want, but I lose the ability to automatically run a grand total.  If I leave the measure as a measure, i keep the ability to create grand totals, but dates are in one block and measures are in another.


      Any ideas on how I can set the date next to its measure, but still retain the ability to create a grand total?


      I understand that this is probably very little to go off of, but will try to mock up an example later tonight.    Thanks!