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    LOD expression not reacting 100% well on filter action in other visual

    Ton Vermeij



      I have created a LOD expression in a variable that shows me the number of times a client was visited in the past in this case the last 12 months. After that I made a dimension of it. It looks good. All the customers are spread across this dimension that shows that e.g. 100 customers were visited 24 times, 80 customers were visited 22 times etc....It also give sa breakdown of all customers against this dimension. For the height  of the bars i count the Clientno. Nice feature in Tableau.

      I was triggered to do it like it was showed here:  Top 15 Tableau LOD Expressions (Practical Examples)



      the LOD expression :  { FIXED [Clientno] : COUNTd([Activity Code])}



      The unique client identification is the clientno, the unique visit id is the Activity Code.


      Till here I have no questions. It works. But in my dashboard I have created some global filters and another visual which is a cross tab that shows the number of visits against the (x-axis) type of the salesperson and (y-axis) the customer group.


      Clicking on a value in the grid of that cross tab shows could be explained summarizing the height of each bar multiplied by the class dimension value. Sometimes this is exactly the same but not every time. With small amount of visits it works but with large amount of visits the bars give more visits than should be.

      I already considered to use the INCLUDE in stead of FIXED but then Tableau does not allow me to make a dimension of it!