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    Labelling of items by Price against market

    Puja Doona

      I have about 5000 items on inventory and we monitor prices of the commodities in the market against other shops. There is an external source that provides information whether the item stocked is cheaper, same price or expensive than the other shops in the market.


      I wanted to 3 categories P1 (cheaper), P2 (same price) and P3 (more expensive) for each of the ~5K items and want to create labels against them of P1/2/3 and use in a way so that even if I change the aggregation on the view, the rest of the data keeps showing KPIs against P1, P2 and P3.


      I've used the below formula and it works fine if I have all the items in the view but the moment I remove the items, everything defaults to P2 (same price) instead of showing 3 different line items of P1, P2 and P3.


      How can I do it? I'm guessing its a LOD question where I'll have to used "Item ID" but not sure how to proceed.


      IF AVG([Avg. Lose %]) > .8 THEN 'LOSE ITEM'

      ELSEIF AVG([Avg. Lose %]) < .2 THEN 'BEAT ITEM'