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    TreeMap for 3 Level Drill down

    Amit M

      Hi All,


      I am trying to create the Treemaps similar the created by Emma Whyte @WORKOUTWEDNESDAY (https://www.womanindata.co.uk/2017/11/treemap-drilldown.html)  using my data by Category, SubCategory and station fields. As of now I tried it only till the level two (with Category and SubCateogry) but I am facing following issues.

      1. My view tiles are braked till SubCategory in initial look but in emma's workbook tiles are breaking only at 1st level(states). I replicated all the calculations on my data as it is but some where I am missing something which I am not able to figure out.


      2. I have to click 2 times on Sub Category to dill up to Category, I am not sure how to fix this because i have check the same problem in Emma's workbook as well.


      Please help on this. attached workbook is in tableau 2018.2 version.



      Amit M