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    Using multiple TRUE conditions to get all the results in one columns (IF or Case When statements)

    Ajinkya Sirsikar

      Hi All,


      I have three columns in my workbook Labor vs Non Labor, Resource Manager, Employee Name.

      I have three conditions based on which i have to populate the Employee name. (Employee name is calculated field where in i have used IFNULL to replace NULLs with '--')



      1. When Labor Vs Non Labor displays 'Labor', Resource Manager displays the data and employee name is displayed as 'null' (String)


      2. When Labor vs Non Labor displays 'Non Labor', Resource Manager is '--' (I created a Resource manager calculated field using IFNULL to replace the NULLS with '--') employee name is 'null' (String)


      3. When Labor vs Non Labor is 'Non Labor', Resource Manager is blank and employee name is blank


      Based on this condition, I need to populate the employee name as TBH for first condition for which i used the following formula:


      if ([Employee Name]='null'

      and [Labor Vs NonLabor ]='Labor'

      and [Resource Manager ]=[Resource Manager ])

      then 'TBH'

      else ([Employee Name])



      How do i add the other two conditions into the same formula to get the results in one column (Employee name)


      I am unable to add the workbook since it is confidential data. I am using 10.4.1 version.

      Please help.