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    Edit JOIN Calculation Question

    Mohamed Hersi

      Dear All,


      I have downloaded a Shapefile from the internet Somalia shapefiles - Map East Africa (thanks to Don for his amazing input and support up to this level), then I uploaded the .shp file into my Tableau as shown in the attached workbook. In addition, I have an Excel workbook which Don edited to extract relevant data.


      I have the following questions about the workbook:

      1. Why edit JOIN calculation? Why not used available options e.g. District, Region instead of Editing the JOIN calculation?
      2. Any explanation on the '1' and '0' would be helpful? Which columns in my data sources do they refer to?
      3. Why OUTER JOIN and not other Joins in this case?
      4. Is Blending possible? If yes how? if not why not?
      5. I want to make changes to the Geography file e.g. delete or add some columns, so can such changes affect the 1 and 0 used in the JOIN? or what is link between the 1and 0 and the columns in the Geography file?