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    Waterfall with more dimensions/measures (Price-Volume effect)

    Kristina Ganzen

      Hi all,


      We are trying to create a waterfall chart using more than one measure/dimension in order to show a price volume effect. We already calculated the price and volume effect but lack of ideas how to visualize the results in a single waterfall chart.


      The result on the X axis should look like: Sales 2015 | Price effect | Volume effect | XXX | Sales 2016 | Price effect | ... 


      Please find a attached a screenshot of the progress so far (the data is more or less confidential and we did not figure out a way to share safe yet). The next step would be a merger of all three graphs and the adaption of the waterfall structure - is there any smart tableau solution or at least a workaround in order to solve the problem? Btw we are aware of the reconciliation difference due to missing data.