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    Show empty columns with Continuous Date

    Ranga Reddy  P



      I'm trying show the missing values by using Analysis-->Table Layout-->Show Empty columns. But its not working in my case.


      I've a very complex dashboard which consists of side by side chart and a dual axis, i somehow couldn't replicate exact but just shown a dual axis. As shown in screen shot (1), I've a continuous date field in Columns and some measures in Rows shelf with a dual axis, as seen I've put a filter for year 2014 and added to context(to restrict the continuous date to particular year) a another filter for a particular customer selection, the empty columns like January,February to June is not showing even after selecting the option to show empty columns.


      But when changing the date to discrete in column shelf shown in screen shot (2), the empty columns are showing but dual axis not working. Can someone help me out to solve this.

      Thanks in advance.@@@


      Screen Shot 1)


      Screen Shot 2)



      Shinichiro Murakami Rajeev Pandey