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    Losing data when linking fields between two data sources

    Drew Burkhard

      I am using two data sets for a dashboard, and both contain three columns (Office, Program, Year), that I want to create dashboard filters for. I've created two bar charts, one from each data set, and the global filters work fine. However, I also want to add a KPI that gives the total number of records from both data sets which is in this case 13 (9 from Participants Data and 4 from Advisors Data).


      However, when I link Office, Program, and Year it gets rid of a record from the Advisors data set (secondary) whenever I link the last field, no matter the order. See the attached workbook for context (Sheet 3 is where I'm having the issue).


      Does anybody know how to resolve this issue so that the record count includes all records in the data sets?