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    Show reference line and highlights with filters

    Todd Shannon

      I have the following dashboard:


      superstore example.png


      Up top I have sales sorted highest to lowest with States on the columns.  To the right the state names, and at the bottom sales by product category, and an average line for all states representing sales from technology (yes, I know this bottom sheet is not best practice...it's just an example).


      What I'd like to do is use the state names as a filter for the other two sheets, but I'd like for the reference line at the bottom to show when I select the state WITHOUT removing the reference line that currently showing.  I want to show the states average in context with the average for all states, with BOTH lines showing, but I want the state specific line to disappear when the state is deselected. 


      for the top sheet, I would like for the State to be highlighted, again WITHOUT removing the other state totals (what I've come up with ends up producing one big bar just for the state, removing it from the context). 


      All in all, I'd like to produce a reference line that shows in context and a highlight of the state total that shows in context.  The only thing that should happen when the state is selected is a highlight on the top sheet and a new reference line on the bottom sheet.  I've tried all I know and nothings worked.