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    Subscription Always sending when view is empty and "Don't send if view is empty" is checked

    Derrick Lang

      I am hoping I am not thinking of this right and the "Don't Send if View is Empty" option is broken on Server.


      I am running into an issue when I subscribe people to a Dashboard and View based on a filters.I am trying to send out an 'alert' to certain stakeholders when a datapoint reaches a threshold of x% with a list of Best Practices associated with the request by Market.


      Currently, I have a view which does that, using IF/THEN statements to show the text in the view if the Market is above x%. When I save a custom view to each Market and then subscribe a user, they get the email regardless if there is data in the view or not. At first, I had only 1 view in a Dashboard and the subscriptions went out both with the data and blank, contrary to my goal. Then I published only the view, no dashboard, and ran through a similar process and Server is emailing me the blank image.


      To summarize the steps are:


      - Create a view by Market, where if the metric is under x% the view is 100% blank (null)

      - Publish the View to tableau server

      - Save the View by Market as a Custom View

      - Subscribe the user to the Custom View and check "Don't Send if View is Empty"


      My understanding is, if the View is empty the email shouldn't go out. Is this the wrong flow, or could something else be triggering Tableau Server to send out blank emails? Attached is an example of the blank email.

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          Hello Derrick,


          That does sound like there is something failing to work with the subscription on service of Tableau Server. I was doing some research on the issue and was unable to find any known issue for the behavior being experienced.


          To better assist can the following information please be provided. Tableau Server version and any errors that might be received during when the subscriptions run. I would also be curious to see if the view is truly blank or if something is preventing the image from being loaded in the email. e.g. Email security client of some sort.


          Hope this helps and look forward to hearing from you!



          Byrne, Patrick

          Community Manager

          Tableau Software