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    Sort by sum of bar color?

    Chad Clauson

      I have a stacked bar chart comprising of red, yellow, and green. The red colors highlight the spikes in our volumes so I'd like to sort descending by red volume.


      For example: Some bars could be completely red, some could be partially green, partially yellow, and partially red. If the partially red volume is higher than a full red bar volume, then that 3-color bar would be shown above the full red bar. Let's say bar 1 has green vol of 80, yellow vol of 61, and red vol of 124. Bar 2 has no green vol, yellow vol of 80, and red vol of 97. Bar 3 has green vol of 91, no yellow vol, and red vol of 147. Bar 4 has no green, no yellow, but a full red vol of 99. The order of the bars would go: 3, 1, 4, 2.


      Is it possible to sort like this?